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Life at Azim Premji University is challenging, exciting and extremely enriching. The University is a rigorous place which challenges its students to become the very best that they can be. We expect the education at the University to be an important beginning or continuation, not the final stage, of a process of learning. The faculty, the vibrant peer group and the whole teaching-learning process at the University help the student to explore, question and develop the ability for critical thinking. To enable these in practice:

  • The curriculum and courses are designed to elicit interest and curiosity. Faculty act as facilitators of learning and hence have significant autonomy in structuring the courses, teaching methods and learning experiences. The course content is presented in ways that invite questioning and reflection.
  • The pedagogic practices, inside and outside the classroom are designed to ensure that students engage each other in dialogue and also address issues of inclusion and diversity.
  • The opportunities for field practice are designed to complement the conceptual learning in the classroom as well as help students get significant exposure to the field realities.

The University is committed to investing time and resources to ensure overall well - being of our students. We do this in many ways: A high faculty: student ratio coupled with extensive student support special programmes, course tutorials, writing centres, faculty mentoring etc. Students also get opportunities for research, publish in student journals, participate in a variety of University initiatives.

There are many opportunities for learning outside the classroom and enriching one’s experience.

Weekly Colloquiums

Our weekly colloquium lectures bring together scholars, practitioners and researchers from across the world and students have dedicated time allocated to attend these. Students are thus provided a varied exposure and opportunity to learn from people outside the University.

Seminars/ Conferences

The University also hosts a series of regular international conferences and workshops in collaboration with other institutes of repute. Notable among these are the international conferences on Law, Governance and Development, Philosophy of Education and our annual research conference MANTHAN.

Student Clubs

With the diversity of talents our students come with, it is only natural that we have vibrant activities on campus organized through a variety of student clubs; Theatre, Photography, Sports, Social initiatives, Poetry, Music and Cultural clubs.

The challenges one faces and the opportunities one is offered at the University cover a broad spectrum of experience, enriching the individual across multiple dimensions. Many of the University’s alumni have mentioned that studying at Azim Premji University has been the most transforming experience of their lives.

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