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The vision of Azim Premji Foundation is to contribute to a Just, Equitable, Humane and Sustainable society. One of the strategies that contribute to the vision is creation of knowledge.

Knowledge creation is first and foremost a matter of mind set; an attitude that consists of, among many attributes, a felt-question that needs to be answered, a questioning of answers (including one's own answers); a reflective mind; and a thinking that grapples with oppositions - of definitiveness and of ambiguity; of objective and of subjective realties; of multiple ways of structuring the world and so on.

MANTHAN (Meet Annually Think and Analyze) - the Annual Research Conference is intended to provide opportunities for members to develop such a mind-set by providing space for showcasing research. By bringing research to the centre stage, it recognizes and conveys the value and significance of research and also of the researcher.

MANTHAN seeks to provide a unique platform for all its members across the organization, including students to meet, dialogue, discuss, and debate different schools of thoughts and perspectives around the twin domains of education and development.

The objective of Manthan is to spread the culture of research across the Foundation by creating a platform for:

  • Sharing knowledge through research studies and budding research ideas and experiences on the ground
  • Sharing in an atmosphere of constructive collegial spirit
  • Creating an awareness of the kinds of research problems that play out in the field
  • Providing opportunities for networking among researchers across the Foundation.
  • Enhancing research capabilities through discussions (formal and informal)
  • Infusing the enthusiasm for research among the participants

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