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Students come to the university with a wide array of interests; or they discover an interest after they arrive on campus. Luckily, such shared interests enthuse students to create and participate in clubs that explore and express that interest in various creative and fun ways. Clubs at the university contribute to the creation of a vibrant student community. As active members of a student club, students will learn important leadership and management skills as they participate in a variety of programs.

Several clubs are currently active on campus: the Sports Club, Culture Club, Celluloid Club, Poetry Club, Drama Club, Media and Editorial Club and Pahal, to name a few. The weekly movie screenings of the Celluloid Club and the Annual Faculty-Student Cricket Match organized by the Sports Club have already become university traditions!

Apart from the formally registered clubs, various student led extra-curricular activities take place regularly, adding greatly to the energy and liveliness of campus life: Kaapi aur Charcha, for example, is an informal gathering in the cafeteria over a cup of coffee to interact with visiting speakers with a wealth of experience in the arts or politics or literature; the Debating Development series, another student led forum, brings students, faculty and intellectuals from across the country to discuss and question important development concerns. All these activities are actively supported by faculty mentors.

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