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Session Title: The Life Cycle of Inventors Past and Present

Chair: Lisa D. Cook, Michigan State University

Paper #1: The Lifecycle of Inventors

Authors: Alex Bell (Harvard University), Raj Chetty (Stanford University and NBER), Xavier Jaravel, (Stanford University), Neviana Petkova (Office of Tax Analysis, US Treasury), John Van Reenen (MIT, NBER, and Centre for Economic Performance)

Paper #2: Missing Women and African Americans, Innovation, and Economic Growth

Authors: Lisa D. Cook (Michigan State University), Yanyan Yang (Claremont Graduate University)

Paper #3: The Social Origins of Inventors

Authors: Philippe Aghion (College de France), Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago and NBER), Ari Hyytinen (Jyvaskyla University), Otto Toivanen (KU Leuven)

Paper #4: Team Age, Innovativeness, and Impact: Evidence from Big Data on Biomedical Scientists

Authors: Huifeng Yu (SUNY Albany), Gerald Marschke, Ohio State University and NBER, Joseph Staudt (U.S. Census Bureau), Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State University and NBER)


Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford University and NBER)

Session Title: African Economic Development: Regional Economic Integration

Chair: Oladele Omosegbon, Indiana Wesleyan University

Paper #1: Gender and Microcredit in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Juliet Elu, (Morehouse College)

Paper #2: Foreign Direct Investment and Economic size as drivers of Intra-regional trade of manufactured goods in West Africa: The case of West African Economic and Monetary Union

Authors: Toussaint Hueninvo and Philippe Sèdédji, (African Development Bank & Ministry of Development Economic Analysis and Prospects Republic of Benin)

Paper #3: The Economic Value of Regional Integration in Africa

Author: Diery Seck (Center for Research on Political Economy)

Paper #4: Regional Economic Integration in West Africa: Unsettled Issues?

Author: Akpan Ekpo (West African Institute for Economic and Financial Management)

Paper #5: Limited Liquidity in Ghana

Author: Miesha J. Williams (Morehouse College)

Paper #6: The Significance of Common Currency to the Success of Economic Integration

Author: Oladele Omosegbon (Indiana Wesleyan University)


Juliet Elu ( Morehouse College), Toussaint Hueninvo, (African Development Bank), Diery Seck, (Center for Research on Political Economy), Akpan Ekpo (West African Institute for Economic and Financial Management), Miesha J. Williams (Morehouse College), Oladele Omosegbon (Indiana Wesleyan University)

Session Title: Gender Health and Elderly Health Care

Chair: Vidurah Tennekoon (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Paper #1: Analysis of Domestic Violence in Post-Soviet Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Author: Zarrina Jurakulova (Denison University)

Discussants: Zhuang Hao (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Paper #2: The Impact of a Permanent Income Shock at the Retirement on Health Outcomes and Risky Health Behaviors

Authors: Fafanyo Asiseh (North Carolina A&T), Vidhura Tennekoon (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Discussants: Eric Asare (Texas Tech Institute)

Paper #3: The Impact of Unintended Pregnancy on Birth Weight: The Role of Selection Due to Abortions

Authors: Zhuang Hao (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) and Vidhurat Tennekoon (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Discussants: Mercy Palamuleni (McNeese State University)

Paper #4: Factors Affecting Access and Use of Health Care Facilities by the Aged: A Case Study of China, Ghana and India

Authors: Fafanyo Asiseh (North Carolina A&T), Eric Yao (North Carolina A&T)

Discussant: Zarrina Jurakulova (Denison University)

Session Title: Introducing Social Capital to Stratification Economics: Career Trajectories in Higher Education

Chair: Roberta Spalter-Roth (American Sociological Association/George Mason University)

Panelist #1:

William Darity (Duke University)

Topic: Academic Stratification among Black Economists and Sociologists

Panelist #2:

Marie Mora (University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley)

Topic: Academic Stratification among Hispanic Economists and Sociologists

Panelist #3:

Darrick Hamilton (New School for Social Research)

Topic: Intersectionality among Economists and Sociologists

Panelist #4:

Kyle Moore (New School for Social Research)

Topic: Current Data Comparing Academic Stratification for Economists and Sociologists

Panelist #5:

Ismael Cid-Martinez (New School for Social Research)

Topic: Interactions Between Human and Social Capital for Economists and Sociologists

Session Title: Crime, Education, and Racial Disparities

Chair: Jevay Grooms (University of Washington)

Paper #1: Intergenerational Effects of Education on Delinquency

Authors: Aaron Chaflin (University of Pennsylvania), Monica Deza (University of Texas at Dallas)

Paper #2: Neighborhood Violence, Academic Performance, and School Accountability

Authors: Marcus Casey (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jeffrey Schiman (Georgia Southern University), Maciej Wachala (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Paper #3: Don’t Shoot! The Impact of Historical African American Protest on Police Killings of Civilians

Authors: Jamein Cunningham (Portland State University), Rob Gillezeau (University of Victoria)

Paper #4: Banning the Box: Felony Convictions, Employment Outcomes, and Statistical Discrimination

Authors: Robynn Cox (University of Southern California), Sarah Jacobson (Williams College)


Alberto Ortega (Whitman College), Luisa Blanco (Pepperdine University), Bradley Hardy (American University), Patrick Mason (Florida State University)

ASHE/NEA Joint Session: The Racial and Ethnic Implications of Policy in the Trump Era

Session Chair: Sue Stockly (Eastern New Mexico University)

Paper #1: The Outlook of Black, Educated Women in the Political Economy of President Donald Trump

Authors: Miesha Williams (Morehouse College)

Discussant: Rhonda Sharpe (WISER)

Paper #2: Explaining the Racial Wealth Gap: Cultural Differences or Racial Stratification?

Authors: Robert Williams (Guilford College)

Discussant: Linda Loubert (Morgan State University)

Paper #3: Unequal Recovery, Labor Market Polarization, Race, and 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Authors: Anita Alves Pena (Colorado State University) & Maoyong Fan (Ball State University)

Discussant: Trevon Logan (Ohio State University)

Paper #4: The Affordable Care Act and Children of Immigrants: Have anything changed?

Authors: Monica Garcia-Perez (St. Cloud State University)

Discussant: Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Syracuse University)

Session Title: The Economic Case or Health Equity

Chair: Samuel Myers Jr, PhD (University of Minnesota)

Paper #1: Medicaid, Access to Care and Times of Economic Downturn

Authors: Joseph A. Benitez, PhD (University of Louisville); Victoria Perez, PhD (Indiana University); Eric Seiber, PhD (The Ohio State University)

Paper #2: The Economic Case for Health Equity in Minnesota

Authors: Huda Ahmed (University of Minnesota); Michelle Allen, MD, MS (University of Minnesota) ; Thomas Durfee, MPP (University of Minnesota); Darrick Hamilton, PhD (The New School for Social Research); Katerina Kent, PhD (University of Minnesota) ; Samuel Myers Jr, PhD (University of Minnesota) ; Man Xu, MPP (University of Minnesota)

Paper #3: Estimating the economic burden of racial health inequalities in the United States

Authors: Darrell Gaskin, PhD (Johns Hopkins University); Thomas LaVeist, PhD (George Washington University); Patrick Richard, PhD (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)


Joseph A. Benitez, PhD (University of Louisville); Thomas Durfee, MPP (University of Minnesota); Darrell Gaskin, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)

NEA-URPE Joint Session: Empirical Studies of Current Trends in Racial Inequality

Chair: John Schmitt, Washington Center for Equitable Growth,

Paper #1: Revising the Racial Wage Gap Among Men: The Role Of Non-Employment And Incarceration

Authors: Jeannette Wicks-Lim, (Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Paper #2: Revisiting Bergmann’s Occupational Crowding Model

Author: Michelle Holder (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York)

Paper #3: Racial Differences in Labor Force Participation Since the Great Recession: What’s Happening?

Author: Thomas Masterson (Levy Economics Institute of Bard College)

Paper #4: The Color of Wealth: Evidence Across U.S. Cities

Authors: Mark Paul (DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University), Darrick Hamilton, (New School for Social Research), William Darity Jr. (Duke University)


Valerie Wilson (Economic Policy Institute), Ngina Chiteji (New York University)