At left: The newly installed Monolith Alpha, on SFI’s Cowan campus. Smaller photos of monoliths, megaliths, and obelisks, clockwise from top: Al Hamra Tower (Kuwait City, Kuwait); Moai on Easter Island; Stonehenge (WIltshire, England); the Washington Monument (Washington, DC); a still from 2001: A Space Odyssey; Uluru/Ayers Rock (Northern Territory, Australia)

Monolith Alpha appeared on SFI's Hyde Park campus in the spring of 2018. The first chalk equation is the formula for a quark's electric charge, proposed in 1956 by SFI co-founder Murray Gell-Mann. The kanji for "beauty" and the address of the Bitcoin genesis block appear below the Gell-Mann equation.

SFI's Monoliths are Miller Omega Program artifacts