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HM Treasury (HMT)

  1. Lifetime ISA

    Tax free saving for your first home and later life: what is a LISA, who can apply, 25% government bonus, withdrawal charges

  2. Apply for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation

    To undertake regulated financial activities, you must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  3. Authorisation to advise on or arrange general insurance

    You need authorisation from the Financial Conducty Authority (FCA) to advise on, arrange or sell general insurance products

  4. Common Chart of Accounts

    The Common Chart of Accounts is the set of codes to be used across central government for financial reporting into the OSCAR system.

  5. Challenge the government to sell land or property (Right to Contest)

    If you believe land or property is not needed and could be put to better economic use, then you can challenge the government by submitting a Right to Contest application.

  6. Decommissioning Relief Deeds – Claim Statement

    Providing guidance for companies who have signed a Decommissioning Relief Deed (DRD) with Her Majesty’s government and who wish to submit a claim under the terms of the DRD.

  7. PFI/PF2/PPP forms

    Forms and instructions specific to PFI/PF2/PPP arrangements.

  8. Severance payments at NHS foundation trusts: approval form

    Apply for approval for a special severance payment for an NHS foundation trust staff member.

  9. Social investment tax relief: accreditation for SIB contractors

    Guidance and an application form for the accreditation scheme for social impact bond contractors eligible for social investment tax relief.

  10. Application form for prize-linked savings pilot

    Application form for credit unions who want to apply to participate in the prize-linked savings pilot

  11. The Hogg Tendering Advisory Committee for LIBOR: pre-tender questionnaire

    This pre-tender questionnaire (PTQ) sets out information which is required by the Committee in order to provide a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the potential bidders for LIBOR administration.

  12. FReM exposure drafts

    Proposed amendments to the Financial Reporting Manual