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HM Treasury (HMT)

  1. A consultation on the Reform to Retail Prices Index (RPI) Methodology

    At Budget on 11 March, the government and UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) launched a consultation on UKSA’s proposal to address the shortcomings of the Retail Prices Index.

  2. Climate Change Agreements scheme extension and reforms for any future scheme

    We're seeking views on a proposed extension to the climate change agreements (CCA) scheme, and on potential reforms were there to be a future CCA scheme.

  3. Amendments to the PRIIPs Regulation

    These amendments will improve the functioning of the onshored Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation.

  4. Block Grant Transparency: July 2020

    This is the third publication of a breakdown of changes in the devolved administrations’ block grant funding from the 2015 Spending Review to Main Estimates 2020.

  5. Treasury Minutes - July 2020

    Government departments respond to the Public Accounts Committee reports through a Treasury minute.

  6. Payments Landscape Review: Call for Evidence

    This Call for Evidence provides an update on changes within payments and seeks views to feed into the Payments Landscape Review.

  7. Amending the transitional period for third country benchmarks in the UK

    This statement explains the government’s rationale for extending the transitional period for third country benchmarks under the UK Benchmarks Regulation to 31 December 2025.

  8. 2025 UK Border Strategy Public Consultation

    A consultation to seek the views and expertise of stakeholders to help develop the 2025 UK Border Strategy.

  9. Consultation on expanding the dormant assets scheme

    A consultation on proposals to expand the dormant assets scheme. In light of the ongoing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), the government is extending the deadline for responses to 16 July 2020. Please email us at dorm…

  10. Royal Mint Trading Fund: framework document

    This sets out the broad framework within which the Royal Mint Trading Fund operates.

  11. Economic Crime Levy consultation

    This consultation seeks views on the economic crime levy.

  12. Stamp Duty Land Tax: non-UK resident surcharge consultation

    Seeking views on the design of a 1% Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge on non-UK residents purchasing residential property in England and Northern Ireland.

  13. HM Treasury fundamental review of business rates: call for evidence

    This call for evidence seeks views on how the business rates system currently works, issues to be addressed, ideas for change and a number of alternative taxes.

  14. The scope of qualifying expenditures for R&D Tax Credits: consultation

    The government is seeking views from R&D tax relief claimants and other stakeholders on the scope of costs eligible for tax credits.

  15. Review of the Aggregates Levy

    The government has concluded its review of the Aggregates Levy.

  16. Pensions tax relief administration: call for evidence

    This call for evidence seeks to gather evidence on the operation of both the main methods of administering pensions tax relief and what improvements might be made.

  17. Carbon Emissions Tax

    We welcome comments on our questions about how, if introduced, the Carbon Emissions Tax would operate and on proposals for development of the tax.

  18. Restricting exit payments in the public sector

    Seeking views on the proposed draft regulations.

  19. UK-Singapore 5th Financial Dialogue: joint communiqué

    Senior Treasury officials met with their counterparts from MAS to exchange views on financial market developments and explore areas for deeper co-operation.

  20. Cryptoasset promotions

    Regulating the promotion of certain types of cryptoassets: government consultation on a policy proposal.