Guidance and regulation

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HM Treasury (HMT)

  1. Apply for the coronavirus Future Fund

    This scheme will issue convertible loans between £125,000 to £5 million to innovative companies which are facing financing difficulties due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  2. Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK?

    A guide to the current consolidated list of asset freeze targets, and a list of persons subject to restrictive measures in view of Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine.

  3. The Green Book: appraisal and evaluation in central government

    HM Treasury guidance on how to appraise and evaluate policies, projects and programmes.

  4. Managing public money

    This publication offers guidance on how to handle public funds.

  5. Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 representations: guidance

    How to submit representations to Comprehensive Spending Review 2020.

  6. Disguised remuneration: independent loan charge review

    The independent review of the disguised remuneration loan charge has now concluded and the government has published its response.

  7. The Magenta Book

    HM Treasury guidance on what to consider when designing an evaluation.

  8. List of designated persons, terrorism and terrorist financing

    This page provides a list of those who are currently subject to financial sanctions for believed involvement in terrorist activity.

  9. Whole of Government Accounts 2019 to 2020: guidance for preparers

    Guidance for central government and local government preparers for Whole of Government Accounts.

  10. Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme rules

    Details of the rules for lenders offering the Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme.

  11. Public Value Framework and supplementary guidance

    A practical tool for understanding how well public money is turned in to policy outcomes.

  12. Orange Book

    This guidance establishes the concept of risk management.

  13. The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

    These Regulations are made in exercise of powers in section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972 and section 8 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

  14. Financial sanctions, Central African Republic

    The Central African Republic is currently subject to financial sanctions.

  15. Financial sanctions, Belarus

    Belarus is currently subject to financial sanctions.

  16. Financial sanctions: guidance, FAQs and information on monetary penalties

    Information on the approach OFSI takes to financial sanctions and monetary penalties for breaches in financial sanctions.

  17. UK financial sanctions guidance

    Guidance on financial sanctions under the UK Sanctions Act

  18. Cross-Government Prosperity Fund

    The Prosperity Fund aims support the inclusive economic growth needed to reduce poverty in partner countries.

  19. The Aqua Book: guidance on producing quality analysis for government

    Guidance for producing quality analysis for government.

  20. Green Book supplementary guidance: optimism bias

    Supplementary guidance to the Green Book on estimates for a project's costs, benefits and duration in the absence of robust primary evidence.