The History of WordPress (in four minutes)

5 responses on “The History of WordPress (in four minutes)

  1. Tahir Shahzad

    Wow. Nice video to cover history of WordPress.

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  2. lausianne

    Cool video, thanks. And thanks for calling the introduction of Gutenberg “controversial”. I still fear this could be a turn for the worse after a decade of good progress …

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  3. CrowdedTent

    Muchisimas gracias Nilo y Fran!


  4. Alessio

    Really cool to see how far the project has come and improved. Can’t say I’m a fan of Gutenberg but impressive none the less. Keep up the awesome work!


  5. Bryan

    Great trip down memory lane. Thanks for putting this video together 👍


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October 8, 2019

This video was used as part of the opening of WordCamp para Desarrolladores Sevilla 2019.

This version has been dubbed to English (sorry for my terrible accent)

This took me almost three months, and I needed 35 Docker-Compose projects and 4 virtual machines to make it possible.

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