Richard Baldwin, Beatrice Weder di Mauro 06 March 2020




Richard Baldwin and Beatrice Weder di Mauro

1 Macroeconomics of the flu
Beatrice Weder di Mauro

2 Tackling the fallout from COVID-19
Laurence Boone

3 The economic impact of COVID-19
Warwick McKibbin and Roshen Fernando

4 Novel coronavirus hurts the Middle East and North Africa through many channels
Rabah Arezki and Ha Nguyen

5 Thinking ahead about the trade impact of COVID-19
Richard Baldwin and Eiichi Tomiura

6 Finance in the times of coronavirus
Thorsten Beck

7 Contagion: Bank runs and COVID-19
Stephen G. Cecchetti and Kermit L. Schoenholtz

8 Real and financial lenses to assess the economic consequences of COVID-19
Catherine L. Mann

9 As coronavirus spreads, can the EU afford to close its borders?
Raffaella Meninno and Guntram Wolff

10 Trade and travel in the time of epidemics
Joachim Voth

11 On plague in a time of Ebola
Cormac O Grada

12 Coronavirus monetary policy
John H. Cochrane

13 The economic effects of a pandemic
Simon Wren-Lewis

14 The good thing about coronavirus
Charles Wyplosz

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