Interviews, Commentaries, and Debates

NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast with Shankar Vedantam on the moral economy, behavioral economics,  and the COVID-19 pandemic, 18 May 2020

“The coming battle for the COVID-19 narrative.” Vox EU, 10 April 2020. [with Wendy Carlin]

Homo economicus must die!, May 2019, Pitchfork Economics (podcast)

The Moral Economy – Conversations with History, April 2019, University of California TV (Interview – video)

“300,000 Women Are Missing from Economics.” The Conversation, 18 September, 2017. [with Homa Zarghamee and Wendy Carlin]

A new paradigm for the introductory course in economicsVox CEPR Policy Portal, 07 September 2017 [with Wendy Carlin]

The market algorithm and the scope of government: Reflections on HayekVOX CEPR Policy Portal, 08 December 2017. [with Alan Kirman and Rajiv Sethi]

The Origins of the Economic Man and the Moral Economy (podcast) on Hidden Forces with Demetri Kofinas, August 20, 2017

Video on institutions and inequality May 31, 2016.

Good incentives are no substitute for good citizensMe Judice. Interview September 11, 2015.

The Core Economics website economics curriculum project: history’s hockey sticks 2014.

The Death ‘Homo Economicus’ with Marshall Auerback (20 minutes) – Interview

The Science Network Interview with Roger Bingham (61 minutes) – Interview

On the Edge with Max Keiser — February 20, 2010 — Interview on the past and future of inequality, intellectual property, and related

Bowles, Samuel. Born Poor? Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, NM, February 3, 2010.

Debating Milton Friedman and Gary Becker on “Incentives, ownership, and capitalism“.