Yarning Strong
Years 3–6
Deepen awareness and understanding of Indigenous cultures.

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Series overview

Yarning Strong aims to reach out and engage all young people – both Indigenous and non-indigenous – and deepen their awareness and understanding of what it's like to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in Australia today.

Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's perspectives within the curriculum has long been considered best pedagogical practice for schools.


  • Provides teachers with an excellent literacy resource as a platform to promote discussion and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Is relevant to all students in the classroom, helping them to feel connected, informed, challenged and entertained.
  • Offers a comprehensive and accessible resource that educators can implement without fear of causing offence or perpetuating inaccurate stereotypes.

This latest release of Yarning Strong stories for Years 3–6 aims to reach a younger audience aged eight to ten years old – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It follows the same issues-based approach and addresses community held misconceptions in the wider community about the lives and cultures of contemporary Indigenous people.
A number of the stories and themes address the impact intolerant views and racist behaviour can have. As well, the stories share insights into the richness of Indigenous cultures

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Student resources

Teaching resources


  • Background information written by indigenous educators, covering such things as how to handle sensitive issues, using correct terminology, and comprehensive information about Aboriginal languages.
  • Themes, text types, focus questions, links to learning areas and pedagogical approaches.
  • Comprehensive lesson plans for each novel with teaching and learning strategies based on the Literacy, Literature and Language strands in the Australian English Curriculum.

The audio books deliver all Yarning Strong novels across the four learning modules: Identity, Family, Land and Law.
  • Years 3–4: High-profile Indigenous actors Deborah Mailman and Jimi Bani present compelling narrations, which students can use as models for fluent reading.
  • Years 5–6: Authors present compelling narrations, which students can use as models for fluent reading.
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