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Series overview

Oxford Maths Ready is a series of teacher handbooks that supports mainstream classroom mathematics by offering learning opportunities for students who are substantially behind their peers. It gives teachers insights into the potential difficulties faced by these students and ideas to engage them in successful mathematics learning, with a focus on helping them to meet the relevant year level curriculum expectations.

This series can be used in conjunction with Oxford Maths for Australian Schools, or as a support to any other whole-school or classroom maths program.

A developmental approach

Oxford Maths Ready Teacher Handbooks supports learners to activate their prior knowledge before extending to new concepts and skills. It draws from the sequences of skills identified in the Australian Curriculum, the NSW Numeracy Continuum K–10 and, where appropriate, individual state and territory curricula..

Each Teacher Handbook provides a sequential plan to approach each topic:

Pre-requisite skills outline the basic mathematical skills and concepts that students will need for each topic.

Key language lists the important words and phrases that are covered in the topic and help students to develop their understanding of this language.

Potential misconceptions gives teachers a snapshot of the areas that students struggle with and explores how to recognise when they may have a misconception.

Learning intentions use student-friendly language to state the skills and/or concepts that each topic aims to develop.

Success criteria give teachers and students some simple measures to identify whether the learning intentions have been achieved.

Priming for knowledge builds confidence and improves outcomes by preparing students for learning before the whole class is exposed to a topic.

Consolidating knowledge and skills encourages students to refine and embed their learning.

+ BLMs are available for teachers through the Oxford Owl Teacher Dashboard and at the back of each book for reference.

Oxford Maths for Australian Schools

Oxford Maths Ready can be used in conjunction with Oxford Maths for Australian Schools.

Oxford Maths for Australian Schools is a comprehensive and engaging mathematics program for F–6 that ensures every student can access the curriculum at their own point of need. It offers multiple pathways for students of varying ability and supports the 'gradual release of responsibility' approach, where initial scaffolding is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians.

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