Sustain and extend the literacy learning of all students.

Features of the Classroom Library Packs:

  • Accurate, interesting, well-researched texts written by a team of expert authors
  • Texts that inform and extend students’ knowledge as they learn to read and read to learn
  • A mix of narrative and informative texts
  • Visually stunning photographs, illustrations and diagrams that engage and inform readers
  • Texts that link to the science, technology, geography and history, health and physical education areas of the curriculum
  • A comprehensive range of explicit teaching materials for each level

AlphaLiteracy Classroom Library Packs presents a range of titles with topics that students will find familiar and appealing. They contain a wide variety of text types displaying a full range of language and text features. Vocabulary is gradually introduced and high-frequency words are repeatedly used for practice and to maintain reader confidence.

These books support talking, writing and reading activities. AlphaLiteracy promises to sustain and extend the literacy learning of all students.


Fill your classroom with AlphaLiteracy Library Packs

AlphaLiteracy Classroom Library Packs contain carefully levelled narrative and informative texts from Alphakids, AlphakidsPlus and AlphaWorld.

Eight packs cover each of the four lower primary reading stages:

Emergent Reading Stage (Levels 1-5) Packs A + B

Books have a logical structure to encourage prediction and promote discussion. Supportive print features ensure progress.

Early Reading Stage (Levels 6-11) Packs A + B

Continued reading support with increased complexity of concepts, syntax and vocabulary.

Transitional Reading Stage (Levels 12-17) Packs A + B

These books progressively increase in the amount and complexity of text per page with a variety of syntax, meaning and vocabulary.

Extending Reading Stage (Levels 18-24) Packs A + B

Books at this stage have a greater variety of vocabulary, more complex sentence structure and detailed design features. There is a range of formats and informative texts.

Teacher Resources

Records of Reading Behaviours are taken regularly in the early years of learning to read. These records are used to monitor progress and to determine each student’s learning level. A learning level is one where the student meets new learning challenges without being frustrated by a text that is too difficult. Teachers can select appropriate texts that are matched to each student’s learning level.

The AlphakidsPlus ‘Records of Reading Behaviours’ are available for Levels 1-11 and provide:

  • Two text transcripts at each reading level – a narrative and an informative text
  • Literal, interpretive and critical comprehension questions that relate to the student’s understanding of the text
  • Guidelines for taking a record of each student’s oral reading
  • Analysis of a student’s retelling of a text.

Click here to access the Records of Reading Behaviours

Blackline Master Activities provide opportunities to practise and extend the students’ concepts about print and early reading strategies. The activities focus on:

  • building students’ confidence with reading and writing words and letters
  • practising the use of high-frequency words within various sentence patterns
  • phonemic awareness and the relationship between sounds and letters
  • building up word banks of key vocabulary
  • organising information, which requires critical and creative thinking

Click here to access the Blackline Master Activities

Learning focus grids are available for Early and Emergent Classroom Library Packs Levels 1-11.

Click here to access the Learning Focus Grids

Teacher editions and teacher notes provide advice and prompts that make every guided reading session a success.

Click here to access Teacher Editions

Literacy Learning Activities are follow-up activities which include 3 reproducible activities for each book.

Click here to access the Literacy Learning Activities


Everything you need to assess reading and writing!

AlphaAssess is a complete early literacy assessment and teaching kit containing two teacher resource books and 28 benchmark books, from Level 1 to 28.

Easy, step-by-step assessment!

  1. Assess
  2. Assess students’ literacy development using the benchmark books, which are unseen fiction and non-fiction books, and proformas in the teacher resource book The First Step: Assessing Early Literacy.

  3. Analyse
  4. Analyse the assessment and plan what students need to learn next in reading and writing.

  5. Teach
  6. Teach students what they need to learn next. Teaching strategies are supported by blackline master activities in the teacher resource book The Next Step: Developing Early Literacy.

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