Help Patrons Access Your Resources

When they research off campus

Lean Library, a powerful browser plug-in, delivers library services into your patrons’ workflow,
wherever they are. Find out how we can get your library set up in less than 2 hours.

Put your library in

your patrons’ workflow

Lean Library is a comprehensive tool that reliably and seamlessly extends the library resources, services and branding directly into the users’ browser when they are researching off campus or online learning.


Simplified access to subscribed e-resources, wherever your
researchers are


Promote your library’s value and deliver targeted messages in the patrons’ workflow


Provide alternative legal routes to discover full-text articles and eBooks when patrons hit barriers

In 2020

Research Hours Saved
Countries Served
Unique Active Users

Let researchers feel your
support wherever they are

Lean Library meets researchers where they’re looking and assures them the library is there every step of the way.

Drive usage & seamlessly solve off-campus access issues to e-resources

Improve library visibility & present services precisely at the right time

Protect patron privacy. See our Privacy Commitment Statement

Provide legal alternatives to paywalls, including Open Access

Valuable usage insights

No change to infrastructure

Google Scholar and PubMed integration

Change the way you research

with our browser extension

A browser extension for access and assistance. Spend less time figuring out what you have access to and more time researching


WHAT End Users SAY

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Manchester

I wanted to say how much easier life has been when doing research with the roll out of the Library Access plug-in for web browsers.

Faculty Member
University of Pennsylvania

Also wanted to say thank you so much for the head’s up about [Lean Library] for off-campus browsing – it’s changed my life!

Tim O'Neil
Electronic Media Co-ordinator
The University of Manchester

Lean Library has massively simplified the process of getting access to library licensed e-resources off-campus for users who bypass our discovery tool and go straight to vendor websites, or who find content in search engines. The number of active users has surpassed our expectations and is growing month-by-month.

Undergraduate Student
Utrecht University

I love this extension. It improves my search for articles a thousand times. You have taken away a most hated hurdle in my life.

Christopher Lee
Utah State University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Lean Library is more important than ever now that all students are online and may or may not be online in the fall.

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