Just released with IDEO: Learning Reimagined: Radical Thinking for Equitable Futures

Imagine a world where every individual has the opportunity and support to build a brighter future for themselves, and for all of us. Imagine a world where entrepreneurial changemakers scale new insights, networks, tools and approaches in learning that inspire, enable, and produce these life-changing outcomes. At Imaginable Futures, we exist to make that world our collective reality.

Why Imaginable Futures

Where Imagination Meets Impact

With more than 617 million children around the world who cannot read and do basic math, there has never been a greater need for imaginative ideas and inclusive, collaborative leadership in learning. Imaginable Futures, a global philanthropic investment firm, focuses on driving innovations that holistically support learners, from academics to lifeskills, and enable lifelong learning and lasting well-being for them, their families and their communities for generations.

Meet the Changemakers in Our Global Family

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Meet Joelle, Creating the Foundation for Future Generations

Wonderschool is building the largest network of modern early education programs, and their mission is to ensure that every child has access to early education that helps them realize their potential.

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For Estefania, Rosa and Susan, Learning Never Stops

Laboratoria exists to drive a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy in Latin America, that opens up opportunities for all people, equally.

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Video Stories From Our Portfolio: SPARK Schools

SPARK Schools is an independent network of affordable private schools in South Africa offering globally competitive education. Its blended learning model combines traditional classroom teaching with technology to help students practice, inquire, and learn at their own pace.

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Million Invested
Portfolio Partners
Countries Reached
Our portfolio numbers include those investments made as part of Omidyar Network that have now transitioned to Imaginable Futures and those investments made in affiliation with Omidyar Network India. Countries include where our portfolio self-identified impact.

Impacting Learners throughout Life

Learning starts early, happens lifewide, and in today’s ever-changing world, must be a lifelong endeavor. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to giving every individual the opportunity to thrive. We focus our efforts on three critical periods of development — early years, school-aged years (childhood / adolescence), and adulthood, across Africa, Latin America and the United States — and we organize our investments, interventions, and innovations along this continuum. This generational approach widens and deepens our impact, strengthening learners, their families, their communities and ultimately, our world.

Our Latest Learnings

We have an opportunity to change the traditional approaches to learning and schooling — transforming inequitable systems into thriving opportunities for communities of learners worldwide. From our work with partners, we see new insights, networks, tools and approaches, that are leading the way for more people to realize the future they imagined. And, as lifelong learners ourselves, we commit to contributing our learnings, insights, and perspectives back to our community as we learn them.