Book Celebrations

IAFFE's Book Celebrations are an opportunity for IAFFE members to share their newly published books with IAFFE members and others. Books are submitted for the Book Celebration once each year. An email is sent to IAFFE members requesting submissions for newly published books. The Book Celebration is presented during the Membership Meeting at the IAFFE Annual Conference. When a book is submitted it is included in the next two Book Celebrations and is posted on the Book Spotlight on the IAFFE website homepage, as well as under Resources on the IAFFE website.

You must be a current member of IAFFE to submit a book for the Book Celebraton.
Please join or renew prior to submitting your book.

Click HERE If you would like to submit your book for the next Book Celebration.


Book Celebration | 2019.06 (92.8 KB)

Book Celebration | 2019.01 (113.1 KB)

Book Celebration | 2018.06 (108.1 KB)