Volunteer to Serve on an IAFFE Committee

June 2, 2020

The committees are where a lot of our work as a network of feminist scholars happens. Joining a committee is a great way of understanding how we work, exercising influence on specific aspects of our work and hopefully becoming more engaged with IAFFE over time. It is also a wonderful way of building relationships across a somewhat dispersed community. 
~ Naila Kabeer, 2018-2019 IAFFE President 

Committee Member Volunteer Form

Dear IAFFE member,

Thank you for being a member of IAFFE!  Our members are key to the success of our mission.

IAFFE is committed to transparency, inclusiveness, and diversity as an organization.  To help achieve this goal, we are reaching out to our community of members to ask you to consider working with us on one of our committees to enhance our work. The bulk of IAFFE's work takes place in our committees.

We have two new committees that will be presented for approval at the June Board meeting -- Policy Statements Member Committee and Online Events Planning Member Committee. (Note: Member Committees are created by the Board for a designated purpose and comprised of at least 3 IAFFE members. Some Member Committees act as subcommittees to regular board committees. See more info on the IAFFE Committees page on the website.)

Why join an IAFFE committee?

  • To help IAFFE realize its mission and succeed as an organization.
  • To help set IAFFE’s priorities and activities.
  • To provide demographic diversity in IAFFE’s leadership.
  • To work with a diverse group of individuals.
  • To expand your professional experiences.
  • To share your expertise.

How much time do you have to commit to serving on an IAFFE committee? It depends on the committee, …

  • some committees meet monthly, some committees meet bi-monthly, and some meet 2-4 times each year.
  • some committees work intensively for 2-4 months and do not meet the rest of year.
  • some committees report directly to the Board of Directors and others report to an oversight committee.
  •  All committees are most effective if they a demographically diverse membership!

IAFFE committees meet digitally via Zoom (or Skype). All you need is an internet connection.

To learn more about IAFFE’s committees and/or submit a Committee Member Volunteer Form, go the  Committees page in the Member Area of the IAFFE website.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact IAFFE’s Business Manager & Conference Coordinator Andrea Collins,  acollins@iaffe.org. You can also contact the chair of a committee, see the committee list on the Committees page on the website.