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Political Economy

The Contest of Economic Ideas

Third Edition

Frank Stilwell

Publication Date - December 2011

ISBN: 9780195575019

448 pages
9.7 x 7.5 inches

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Now in its third edition, Political Economy: The Contest of Economic Ideas is a fully updated survey of the political economy and its connection with social concerns. Moving beyond conventional treatments, this unique text offers a "big-picture" overview of the analytical tools and value judgments associated with competing schools of economic thought.

Featuring an exceptionally engaging writing style, this text makes the complexities of contesting economic ideas--including classical political economy and Marxist economics and neoclassical economies and neo-liberalism--clear and accessible to students. The third edition includes a new chapter on the economics of happiness and new sections on current issues like the global financial crisis, climate change, and "affluenza."

Previous Publication Date(s)

November 2006
January 2002

Table of Contents

    PART I. Current Economic Processes and Problems
    1. What is Political Economy?
    2. The Personal is Political Economic
    3. Structural Economic Changes
    4. Political Economic Challenges
    PART II. Economic Systems and Economic Theories
    5. Economic Systems
    6. Capitalism
    7. Economic Theories
    PART III. Back to Basics: Classical Political Economy
    8. Capitalism Emerging
    9. Private Vices, Public Virtues
    10. Value, Distribution, Growth
    11. Land and Economic Surplus
    PART IV. The Critique of Capitalism: Marxist Economics
    12. Contesting Capitalism
    13. The Mode of Production
    14. Labor, Value, Exploitation
    15. Capital Accumulation
    16. Reproduction, Growth, Change
    17. Economic Crises
    PART V. The Ideology of the Market: Neoclassical Economics
    18. Free-market Economics
    19. Consumers
    20. Firms
    21. Market Structures
    22. Distribution
    23. Economic Welfare and Neo-Liberalism
    PART VI. Evolution and Reform: Institutional Economics
    24. Economy and Society
    25. A Dissident Tradition in Economics
    26. Economic Power
    27. Economic and Social Reform
    28. Corporate Globalization
    PART VII. Stabilizing the Economy: Keynesian Economics
    29. The Disillusioned Defense of Capitalism
    30. Constructing a Keynesian Model
    31. Instability in a Monetary Economy
    32. Macroeconomic Policy
    33. The Keynesian Legacy
    PART VIII. Contemporary Concerns: Modern Political Economy
    34. A Radical Reconstruction
    35. Economy and Environment
    36. Technology, Industry, Work
    37. Class, Gender, Ethnicity
    38. The Political Economy of the State
    PART IX. Whither Political Economy? Conflict and Progress
    39. Why Do Economists Disagree?
    40. A Level Playing Field for Economic Ideas?
    41. W(h)ither Capitalism?
    42. A Happy Ending?